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** 1 x Tri Wing & 1 x Philips Screwdriver Kit ** for Nintendo Wii, DS, DS Lite & DSi - The 2 screwdrivers you need to disassemble your Nintendo DS consoles; change screens, replace housings, clean etc - TECHGEARby TECHGEAR

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Product Description
  • This is a special Nintendo Tri Wing/Blade + Special Philips screwdriver kit.
  • These screw drivers are both required to gain access to a Nintendo DS, DSL or DSi Console.
  • OEM Packaged.
  • These screw drivers also open Nintendo GBA & SP
  • These screw drivers also open Nintendo Wii

GBP 2.95 [See more offers...]
Product Details
Manufacturer: TECHGEAR
Publisher: TECHGEAR
EAN Code(s): 5060215951769
UPC Code(s): Unknown

The Tri-Wing & Cross-Wing Screwdriver set allows you to open up Nintendo Handheld systems and other devices. Compatible with : Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo Gameboy Advance Carts Nintendo Gameboy Advance Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Nintendo Gameboy Micro Many other devices that have Tri-Wing & Cross Wing connections Contents 1 x Tri-Wing Screwdriver 1 x Cross-Wing Screwdriver
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