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SkateMate patented handheld Ice Skate Sharpener / Conditioner for ALL ice skates, Ice Hockey, Speed skates or Dance!by Skatemate

Sports & Outdoors > Winter Sports > Ice Hockey
Product Description
  • External Deburring Strips
  • Internal Teflon Glide Strips
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Great Xmas present

GBP 20.00
GBP 14.29 [See more offers...]
Product Details
Brand: Skatemate
Manufacturer: SkateMate
Publisher: SkateMate
SKU/MPN/Model: E50
EAN Code(s): 0610098442257
UPC Code(s): 610098442257
Color: Raw
Item Weight: 50g

Self aligning, hand held Ice Skate Sharpener that adjusts to fit any blade. The Patented Space Age (flexible) abrasive cylinder will reshape itself to fit any hollow ground or flat blade so it Automatically shapes itself to the ROH of the blade being sharpened. includes unique deburring strips to give the perfect honed edge to your blades and slides on teflon guides.
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