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Four Sigma Foods Reishi (Box of 20 Sachets)by Four Sigma Foods

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Product Description
  • Reishi is nature's ultimate anti-stress antidote.
  • As an intelligent mushroom, reishi may balance overdriven hormone system andimprove the quality of sleep.
  • As an adaptogen reishi may help your body to fight against stress caused by the demanding modern society.
  • Scientific research has shown that reishi improves cardiovascularsystem by lowering "bad" ldl cholesterol
  • Reishi has also been shown to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure.

GBP 18.95
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Product Details
Brand: Four Sigma Foods
Manufacturer: Four Sigma
Publisher: Four Sigma
SKU/MPN/Model: 871673
EAN Code(s): 4897039310103, 4897039311049
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Size: Pack of 1
Item Weight: 59g

Four Sigmatic Foods Reishi Mushroom Elixir Mix contains reishi mushroom which is generally known as "the queen of mushrooms" due to its body-and-mind balancing properties.
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