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Royal Denta Medium, Nano Gold toothbrush (Colours May Vary)by Royal Denta

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Product Description
  • A medium toothbrush with nano gold particles inside bristles designed for daily dental care.
  • Excellent antibacterial properties. Clinical studies evidenced that these toothbrushes can kill up to 99,9% of all bacteria that come into contact with the bristles of the toothbrush
  • A double bristle technology. The upper thin, soft and sharpened bristles penetrate deeply into the interdental areas, which are not so easily accessible by regular toothbrushes. The lower rounded bristles clean the dental enamel excellently without causing its damages
  • These toothbrushes stimulate blood circulation, massage gums, increase resistance of mouth cavity to infections and leave mouth clean and fresh for a long time
  • An ergonomic and non-slip handle made of natural rubber guarantees movement control during teeth cleaning

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Product Details
Language(s): Spanish Unknown
Brand: Royal Denta
Manufacturer: Royal Denta
Publisher: Royal Denta
EAN Code(s): 4779033520118
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Color: various
Item Weight: 23g

A medium toothbrush with nano gold particles designed for daily dental care. A high volume to surface area ratio of particles determines a very high activity of the particles; therefore this unique brush helps to clean even the most persistent dental plaque. If we use a regular toothbrush millions of bacteria settle down on the toothbrush bristles and damage dental enamel and causes gingivitis. Whereas in case of the toothbrush with nano gold particles, in 2-4 hours after teeth cleaning up to 99,9% less bacteria are found on the bristles of the toothbrush. The nano gold particles also fill microscopic dental fissures; they softly polish teeth surface and make it too slippery for bacteria to adhere. The bacteria are unable to adhere on the teeth surface and the result is clean and shiny teeth for a long time.

For more information please visit www.royaldenta.com

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