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Natural Fresh Moist Vacuum-packed 8" Miswak (3 sticks) - Tooth and Gum Care (natural flavor)by Al-Khair

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Product Description
  • Natural oral hygiene
  • Used like a toothbrush but without toothpaste
  • Long lasting from the peelu tree
  • Thick and moist 8" stick
  • Vacuum packed for freshness

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Product Details
Brand: Al-Khair
Manufacturer: Al-Khair Creative Quality Ware
Publisher: Al-Khair Creative Quality Ware
SKU/MPN/Model: 001
EAN Code(s): 0894545000836
UPC Code(s): 894545000836

Al-Khair Peelu Miswak (A Set of 3 Sticks) Hygienically processed vacuum packed Miswak. To Retain Freshness- Regularly Cut used portion and discard when reduced to little finger size The root of a tree known in Arabic as 'Arak' (Salvadora Persica), and in Urdu as 'Peelu'. A Natural Toothbrush That Provides Significant Health Benefits Simply scrape off bark from the tip(1/2"), then chew the tip gently until brush-like, start brushing horizontally. Approximately 20 cm (large) natural extract from the commonly known salt bush, mustard tree or the toothbrush tree in a refreshing natural flavour. This miswak naturally contains many components such as fluoride, astringents, detergents, enamel protecting resins, which eliminate the need for any toothpaste. Simply scrape off the bark from the tip, then chew the tip gently until brush-like and the fibres become soft. Individually sesled to retain the natural freshness Before the advent of plastic/synthetic toothbrushes Muslims cleaned their teeth with a natural toothbrush from the 'Toothbrush Tree'. Today many people still use the Miswak as the primary preventative measure in oral hygiene. There has been a huge revival towards traditional/organic products throughout the world and this is THE alternative to the germ inhibiting toothbrushes.
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