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CatCalm Pouches Twin Packby CatCalm

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Product Description
  • CatCalm pouches help reduce unwanted marking, excessive meowing and scratching
  • Pouches contains a formula that is made up of key cat calming ingredients
  • The pouches are attached directly to a cat's collar and are very easy to attach
  • Designed to work with all collars on the market including breakaway collars
  • Two CatCalm pouches are supplied with each order (Cat collar is not included)

Product Details
Brand: CatCalm
Manufacturer: UK Innovations GP Ltd
Publisher: UK Innovations GP Ltd
EAN Code(s): 0799632982616
UPC Code(s): 799632982616

The CatCalm pouches have been designed to fit over the front of a cat collar and all orders come with simple to understand fitting instructions. They are very easy to attach and they are held in place by silicone stretch rings. The CatCalm logo is made from a reflective material with the cat's safety in mind. The collar saving function is an added feature. When a cat catches an obstruction the breakaway collar is activated. With the collar still attached but looser the cat can free itself of the obstruction whilst giving the collar a chance of staying attached to the cat. If a cat can't free itself from the obstruction then there is still plenty of room for the cat to pull its head free from the collar. CatCalm pouches last on average around 4/6 weeks per pouch and are very easy to replace. All pouches are sealed for extra aroma and come in packs of two.
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