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Gem Camera Case for Sony Cyber-shot DSCW800, DSCW810, DSCW830by Gem

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Product Description
  • Built to last and protect with the famous GEM® 10 Year Warranty
  • GEM® Slimline Protection meaning your camera remains a pocket camera even in its case unlike bulky molded cases
  • Ultimate GEM® Protection with a tough exterior material, followed by reinforced padding to soften any blows, complimented by a soft velvet interior to wrap around your camera to prevent scratching
  • Quick and Easy GEM® Access with a belt loop so your camera can remain ready at your side, and a secure magnetic fastener with no awkward zips
  • Internal Dimensions - Height 110mm Depth 23mm Width 65mm

GBP 12.96
GBP 9.94 [See more offers...]
Product Details
Brand: Gem
Manufacturer: GEM
Publisher: GEM
SKU/MPN/Model: N270531SCDSCW800W810W830
EAN Code(s): 5060356522897
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Color: black


The GEM® Slimline Case hardly adds any extra bulk to your camera unlike bulky molded cases. This means your camera can remain a pocket camera even with its protective case.

The Ultimate Protection

The Ultimate GEM® Protection designed into this case will help to keep your camera safe. The tough exterior material with the reinforced padding will protect your camera against those inevitable knocks and scrapes, with the soft velvet interior preventing your camera from becoming scratched.

Designed by GEM® for Practicality

To prevent you from missing that important shot, GEM® Quick and Easy Access is enabled by your camera being at your side on the provided secure belt loop. In addition you can retrieve your camera quickly from the case via the magnetic fastener with no awkward zips.

Built to Last

GEM take the quality of their products very seriously, with a unique approach to the quality of production and the materials used. This combined with the GEM 10 Year Limited Warranty can assure you that our products are built to last.

All brand names and product names are trademarks or trade names of their respective holders. The brands and trademarks owned by the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are referred to only for the purpose of pointing out which of the OEM products are compatible with ours. GEM are not in any way associated with any OEM.

Compatible with the following models: Sony Cyber-shot DSCW800, DSCW810, DSCW830

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