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Suitical Recovery Suit Dog, Medium, Pink Camouflageby Suitical

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Product Description
  • Your dog or cat retains freedom of movement.
  • Keeps your dog or cat warm.
  • Protects the nippels after feeding puppy's or kittens.
  • Open ended facilitating easy fitting and removal.
  • Is comfortable, hygienic and can be washed at 30º celsius.

GBP 18.55 [See more offers...]
Product Details
Brand: Suitical
Manufacturer: Suitical
Publisher: Suitical
SKU/MPN/Model: 30-0080
EAN Code(s): 8718375251522
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Color: Pink Camouflage
Size: Medium

RECOVERY SUIT Suitable for wound and bandage protection skin disease light incontinence and when in heat. A multi-purpose full body shirt recommended and used by thousands of pet owners and vets worldwide. PROTECTS WOUNDS AND BANDAGES Reduces the annoyance and stresses your pet may experience compared to wearing an Elizabethan collar. Helps prevent your pet from touching the affected area. Our exclusive design enables air to circulate around the wound whilst keeping it dry. Helps keep patients warm after an operation. The inside of the suit is light coloured allowing any fluid discharge to be easily seen. If the wound leaks a porous sheet or incontinence pad can be inserted inside the Recovery Suit or between the double layer on the belly section. WHEN IN SEASON OR INCONTINENCE The Recovery Suit reduces the risk of blood or urine stains in your house. In contrast to standard shorts it is very difficult for your pet to wriggle out of. SKIN DISEASES The Recovery Suit offers protection where it is required. It helps prevent possible damage to the skin caused by scratching or biting. ALLOWS USE OF LITTER TRAY AND OUTSIDE When walking your dog only the rear end of the suit needs to be opened simply roll the underside of the suit inwards and towards the belly
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