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Bauer Supreme 140 Ice Hockey skates Senior (Black, 9.0)by Bauer

Sports & Outdoors > Winter Sports > Ice Hockey > Skates
Product Description
  • Quarter Package Premium nylon
  • Ankle Padding Patented integrated anatomical heel/ankle support
  • Tongue Construction Anatomical felt
  • Blade Holder TUUK LIGHTSPEED Pro, Runner TUUK Super Stainless
  • (R) Width

GBP 49.95 [See more offers...]
Product Details
Brand: Bauer
Manufacturer: Bauer
Publisher: Bauer
EAN Code(s): 8520196710122
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Color: Black
Size: 9.0

The Bauer Supreme 140 Ice Hockey Skates are the entry level model in the Bauer Supreme Line. The 140's feature a Premium Nylon Quarter Package that gives players a great balance of support and comfort, perfect for those who are still learning their stride. The tongue is traditional in design, using a classic one-piece white felt tongue for top of the foot protection.
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