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Bodytec Ultra Slim Orthotic arch support insoles for over pronation (4-6.5 S)by Bodytec

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Product Description
  • Bodytec insoles, constructed from a medium - firm density EVA, for those who like a solid support that will not give under pressure.
  • Helps in many back knee and heel pain treatment
  • Helps fallen Arches
  • The cut away on the outside of the insole is designed to allow easier fitting into the shoe without significantly compromising the structure of the insole.
  • Designed arch support and foot alignment with slim front end

GBP 5.99
GBP 4.99 [See more offers...]
Product Details
Brand: Bodytec
Manufacturer: Bodytec Slim
Publisher: Bodytec Slim
EAN Code(s): 5691704865184
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Color: Grey
Size: 4-6.5 S

The insoles are made slim to allow for fitting in the smallest of shoes even High Heels
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