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UV Light, TaoTronics UV Torch, Blacklight Flashlight, Urine Detector for Dog Cats, 12 Leds Light for Pet Urine Stain Odor with 3 Duracell AAA Batteries includedby TaoTronics

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Product Description
  • UV Light shows hidden pet stains and other unfavourable spots on carpet or clothes
  • Utlra Violet LED Light uses 12 LED lights; each LED lasts up to 12 years
  • UV LED Torch with Small Size: can be taken anywhere or easily stored
  • Dog / Cat Urine & Stain Detector with Over 5 hours of battery life, comes with three Duracell AAA batteries for operation
  • Stain Spotter detects counterfeit note, jewelry, collection and so on, ideal choice for house keeping in hotel room or in your home

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Product Details
Brand: TaoTronics
Manufacturer: TaoTronics
Publisher: TaoTronics
SKU/MPN/Model: TT-FL001
EAN Code(s): 6950638990621
UPC Code(s): Unknown

The TaoTronics TT-FL001 UV Flashlight is something Sherlock and Poirot would have found handy. The flashlight picks up on stains and other indistinguishable marks that can only be sighted under ultraviolet light. Shine it at the carpet, on clothes to make the invisible visible.

How Does It Work?
The UV black light works by showing phosphors - a substance that emits a visible light to radiation. Since the naked eye cannot see them we are reliant on help to spot the stain; the blacklight makes this possible.

Pet Stain Detector
If you've got a mysterious smell and a pet that's acting shy, there's a chance it might have urinated on your carpet. Rather than vacuum the whole house, shine the UV flashlight and the stains will show - makes for a much easier clean up.

Counterfeit Protection
It can be heartbreaking to find out the 50 Pound note your Grandma handed you last Christmas was a fake. The UV light reveals 'hidden' anti-counterfeit symbols to ensure the authenticity of your money or other important documents. Try it out on your cards or cash.

What's in the Box:
1 x TaoTronics UV Flashlight (Model: TT-FL001)
3 x Duracell AAA Batteries

Do not shine directly into eyes
The stain might not be very obvious if the color of the urine is similar to the carpet.
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