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'12X Recessed Frame SD 863 Brushed Stainless Steel incl. GU10 Socketby Lumi

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Product Description
  • Dimensions: The recessed downlight has a outer diameter of 80 mm hole of approx. 55 - 75 and the; Installation depth with bulb is approx. 75 mm
  • Light Bulb: The built-in Spotlight GU10 sockets you can either LED or other GU10 lights for under £6 with which the bulbs are not included
  • Adaptability: The LED recessed 230 V can be for any room installed in the ceiling wall or stairs
  • Material and colour: The Spot Light is made from metal and features a colour that a brushed stainless steel - balances
  • Installation: The recessed downlight or chassis is easy with the tension springs fit

GBP 17.02
GBP 15.50 [See more offers...]
Product Details
Brand: Lumi
Manufacturer: Lu-Mi
Publisher: Lu-Mi
EAN Code(s): 0753807401975
UPC Code(s): 753807401975
Color: brushed stainless steel

Product Description:
Our LED built-in spotlights from Lu mi, whose name for high quality and any reason you are not satisfied. The main elements of the LED Ceiling Spotlights are the mounting frame and a GU10 socket, so you need only lets through light bulb. The light bulb can be Beliebend using the drop down menu below, so are suitable both LED and halogen light bulbs.
When the LED light bulb for the spot light Select, then you arrive thanks to the recessed spotlight LED Features Not only good for low power consumption, the LED built-in spotlights produced so you can even less heat and has a longer life-span than a combination with other types of bulbs.
The recessed downlight is made from metal and can be built into different rooms, it is especially loved is the installation in the kitchen, in a display cabinet, in the bath, in the office, in the living room or other rooms. The advantage of the LED Recessed spots when that this need very little space and you have the light is easy to replace.
Technical Data for the built-in frame:
- Material: Metal
- Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel
Bulb Socket: GU10
- Operating voltage: 230 V
- Outer diameter: 80 mm
- Hole approximately 55 - 75 mm
- Installation depth with light bulb: approx. 85 mm
Box Contents:
Is a recessed LED spot light set velvet in box contents:
- 12 x Mounting Frame
- 12x GU10 Socket
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