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Elite Skipping Rope - Double Under RX Speed Rope For Muay Thai Boxing Fitness MMA Exercise | Light Weight PVC Jump Rope Handles With RPM Ball Bearing | No Kink Adjustable 3m Meter Steel Wire Cable Ropes | Beginners to Pro Adult or Kids | Wholesale Bulk Availableby NO LABEL

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Product Description
  • ★ EASY TO USE DOUBLE UNDER SPEED ROPE - "I ordered this skipping rope as I needed to improve my double under technique, the lightweight speed rope handles are great and have ball bearings which makes it easier to do DUs. I've noticed that the more I've used it the faster it gets!! Great work!"
  • ★ PROFESSIONAL SKIPPING ROPE - "My DBB2 is the best skipping rope and is perfect for performing multiple double unders at fast pace. In my opinion it has the best jump rope handles as they are lightweight and comfortable to hold. My handles are attached to the light weight steel rope at a 90 degree angle allowing the rope to cut through the air at breakneck speeds! This is definitely the best speed rope I've ever used."
  • ★ FREE SPEED ROPE BAG & DOUBLE UNDER PDF WAS A NICE TOUCH - "I can now take my new DBB2 skipping rope anywhere with me. The handles are moulded using PVC & are designed to be lightweight. I can carry it in my pocket or fit it in my backpack with ease. Now I can use my new speed rope anywhere."
  • ★ EASY ADJUSTABLE SKIPPING ROPE - "My skipping rope came with a 3m meter adjustable steel wire cable so I was able to adjust it perfectly for my height. Using this skipping rope has never been so easy. Did you know you can burn around 300 calories in only 10 minutes! It is a great way for me to melt away unwanted body fat.
  • ★ MULTI USE FITNESS SKIPPING ROPE - This lightweight fitness skipping rope can be used for fitness, MMA, Boxing, Gym Work, Thai Boxing, Martial arts and for body conditioning. It folds up nicely and I can store it is the FREE bag I got.

Product Details
Manufacturer: No Label
Publisher: No Label
EAN Code(s): Unknown
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Size: Adjustable Size
Item Weight: 109g



Introducing the DBB2 skipping rope speed rope. This is guaranteed to take you from beginner to professional in no time at all. The 3m steel wire cable can be adjusted to your optimum revolution height and can be shortened making it faster as you improve.

This No Label fitness skipping rope is the speed rope you always wished you had, its lightweight design & ball bearing handles spin effortlessly making learning on this a dream.


    ★ Toughened Lightweight Ergo Grip Handles
    ★ 90 Degree Ball Bearing Spinners
    ★ Huge 3m Adjustable Wire
    ★ Stainless Steel Cable Dipped in Coloured Resin
    ★ FREE Stash Bag For You Skipping Rope
    ★ FREE Double Under PDF Guide
    ★ Adjustable 3m Steel Wire Cable
    ★ Ball Bearing Handles For Faster RPM
    ★ Tone Muscle & Master the Double Under RX
    ★ Great For Kids + Adult Men / Women
    ★ Designed By Sports People for Sports People



    ★ Weight Loss
    ★ Toned Upper Body, Legs & Calves
    ★ All Over Body Workout
    ★ Improved hand & for coordination
    ★ Faster hands & feet
    ★ Fat Burning Workout in Minutes

Available in:

    ★ Black
    ★ Green
    ★ Blue
    ★ Red
    ★ Yellow
    ★ Pink

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