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50 Values Ceramic Disc Capacitors Assorted Kit (Pack of 1000pcs)by Generic

Business, Industry & Science > Industrial Electrical > Passive Components > Capacitors
Product Description
  • 50V,50 values,(Each value 20pcs),Total QTY: 1000PCS
  • 1pf,2pf,3pf,3.9pf,6pf,8pf,10pf,12pf,15pf,18pf,20pf,22pf,24pf,25pf,27pf,
  • 30pf,33pf,36pf,39pf,47pf,50pf,5pf,68pf,82pf,100pf,120pf,150pf,180pf,200pf,220pf,
  • 330pf,470pf,500pf,560pf,680pf,820pf,1nf,1.5nf,2nf,2.2nf,4.7nf,6.8nf,10nf,15nf,20nf,22nf,33nf,47nf,68nf,0.1uf
  • Each Value in one small package and mark value.

GBP 4.00 [See more offers...]
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