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'20 "BMX Kids Bike Bicycle Child Youth Children's Cycling Crazy Classic Blackby Orbis Bikes

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Product Description
  • 20-inch children bicycle, children's bicycle
  • LED bulbs for front and back
  • 2 hand brakes, as well as back pedal
  • Mudguard front and back
  • Side Stand - Chain Guard

Product Details
Brand: Orbis Bikes
Manufacturer: Orbis Bikes
Publisher: Orbis Bikes
EAN Code(s): 4260325784887
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Color: Black

'20 "children's bike children's bicycle
Crazy Classic Black/Red
Vollkett protection, 2 hand brakes, as well as a backpedal brake
Front and rear wheel brakes also a back pedal brake
Seat handlebar post is also height adjustable
90% preassembled
For children between the age of 6 to 9 years
Steel rims with pneumatic wheels
On both sides closed chain guard
TYRE SIZE: 20 inches
Colour: Black Red
Side stand
LED light bulb can be used for front and back
Schnellspannverschlusss saddle
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Top, bottom seat height: 68 cm + 8 cm
Frame Height: 33 cm
Steering Wheel Height: 80 cm + 5 cm
Weight: 11,9kg
New in original packaging
Please put on all bolts before use.
You get the bike in its original box.
The bicycle must be when you want a tree in your room.
If you've ever do Pure helped build up,
We recommend the bike a Fachkundigen
Person allow you set up.
Please note on the pedals on the right and left-hand thread.
Brakes need to be adjusted before you start your journey.
Please check the first ride all types of screw fitting.
Standard maintenance should be carried out
Such as: Grease The chain, tyres Air/Brakes control etc.

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