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600 ml Non-ionic Colloidal Silver Nano Ag250 25ppm pharmace glass bottle PROAKTIVby PROAKTIV

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Product Description
  • Non-ionic Colloidal Silver Nano Ag250 allergy friendly. Restores the skin's good look, it's non toxic, causes no irritation or allergic reactions
  • Non-ionic Colloidal Silver eliminates bacterial which cause the decomposition of sweat, thus eliminating the unpleasant odor
  • Our Colloids are labeled as Non-ionic, which means that a strongly dispersed metallic phase of such colloids doesn't contain chemically attached negatively charged anion groups, the metal itself is not in form a positive cation.
  • The nano-particle metal colloid metals produced by our company are free of the typical surface contaminations which typically accompany the chemically produced colloids.
  • Non-ionic solutions of Gold, Silver, Copper and Platinum are made of pure metal (supplied by the very Mint of Poland) with the purity rate of 0.9999 or 0.999999, and the purity is preserved throughout the entire production process. The average size of a particle: 2-4nm.

Product Details
Manufacturer: PROAKTIV
Publisher: PROAKTIV
SKU/MPN/Model: Ag250
EAN Code(s): 5905133149075
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Size: 600 ml - 20.30 oz.
Item Weight: 962g

Non-ionic Colloidal Silver allergy friendly; - Silver is a chemical element whose symbol (Ag) comes from its Latin name Argentum. It is a metals of unique features and applications. - Non-ionic Colloidal Silver Nano Ag250; - What are the properties of our colloidal nano-silver: -- it eliminates bacterial which cause the decomposition of sweat, thus eliminating the unpleasant odor; -- restores the skin's good look it's non toxic, causes no irritation or allergic reactions; - PRO AKTIV Silver doesn't react with any organic acids or hydrochloric acid. - It is particularly worth mentioning that the product supplied by us doesn't generate nitrates, nitrites or chlorides, which are all harmful. - Our non-chemical, colloidal nano-silver doesn't darken when exposed to light, which means it does not oxygenate. It is key evidence for our product's chemical resistance and homogeneity. - Nano-silver is also good for allergy sufferers! Colloidal Silver is completely safe for the human body. Its positive effect was also confirmed in the case of those who suffer from various kinds of allergies (eg skin and inhaled). - Colloidal Silver Nano Ag 250 Pro Aktiv is: is noninvasive (except for people allergic to silver) is odorless - important for people allergic to smells is chemically pure, causes no irritation. Our nano-particles are so small they're carried by hot steam. doesn't cause skin burning or stinging - recommended for people who are sensitive or allergic in skin care. is recommended for washing and ironing of underwear as a harmless disinfectant, active even after several regular washes and ironings. -- -- Ingredients: demineralized water (by norms of Polish Pharmacopeia, edition VI), metallic nano-particle silver Ag4N;
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