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( 12 Pack ) Lion Liquorice Gums 113g
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  • Lion Liquorice Gums 113g
  • - May Contain Milk

GBP 16.98
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Manufacturer: Lion
Publisher: Lion
SKU/MPN/Model: 48227
EAN Code(s): Unknown
UPC Code(s): Unknown

Lion Liquorice Gums 113g

Original hard gums.
Made with all natural colours and flavours.
Halal approved.
Licorice flavoured gums made with natural Sweets may come and go but nothing beats the timeless appeal of great tasting Lion gums.
With their unique firm texture Lion gums still give the same long-lasting flavour and enjoyment but are now made with all natural colours and flavours.
A firm favourite with all the family for more than a hundred years, Lion gums are still made today in the same time-hundred tradition as the original sweet back in 1903

May Contain Milk
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