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5L of Pro-Kleen Pool Algaecide - Removes & Prevents Algae Growth - High Concentration, Long-Lasting Professional Formulaby Pro-Kleen

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Product Description
  • Eliminates and prevents algae growth
  • Helps to maintain clean and healthy water
  • Designed and tested for use in all types of pools
  • Apply where water inlets are situated for even dispersal throughout the water
  • Simple instructions and suggested dose rates are on the reverse of the bottle

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Product Details
Brand: Pro-Kleen
Manufacturer: Pro-Kleen
Publisher: Pro-Kleen
EAN Code(s): 0607052897604
UPC Code(s): 607052897604

Why does algae form?

Algae spores constantly enter the pool, through wind, rain and also contaminated equipment or swimsuits. If the conditions are right, algae can form overnight. These conditions can include: out of balance water, sunlight, warm temperatures and the presence of nitrates and/or carbon dioxide. Lack of proper circulation, filtration and sanitation may be the primary cause, too.

What is algae?

Algae is a living aquatic creature that multiplies rapidly on warm and sunny days. Algae contains chlorophyll and utilizes photosynthesis to grow.

What problems can Algae cause?

Nobody wants to swim in an algae infested pool. Algae can cloud and color the water, making rescue attempts difficult and reduces depth perception of a diver. Pools with algae may also be harbor to pathogens like E-coli bacteria. In addition to clogging up sanitation pathways in the water, it also clogs up the pores in a filter, decreasing filter effectiveness. It also creates a chlorine demand in the water for itself by consuming chlorine that should be working on other contaminants.

Why choose Pro-Kleen Pool Algaecide?

Eliminates and prevents algae growth in pools

Helps maintain clean and healthy water

Highly concentrated, professional formula

Cost effective

Easy to use

Part of the best-selling Pro-Kleen Spa Range

Pro-Kleen are a leading cleaning brand that specialise in high quality, professional cleaning products that are excellent value for money.

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