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ad'just - seat cushion for cars V2by ad'just

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Product Description
  • base cushion for car seats
  • comfortable car cushion
  • ergonomic cushion for the car
  • cushion for coccyx pain
  • triangular cushion for the car

Product Details
Brand: ad'just
Manufacturer: ADJUST SAS
Publisher: ADJUST SAS
SKU/MPN/Model: 0002
EAN Code(s): 3770002270103
UPC Code(s): Unknown
Color: Black
Item Weight: 349g

Ergonomic cushion with dimensions specifically designed to fit on car seat bases. It fits all vehicle models and is a good add-on item to the ad'just lumbar cushion designed for the back. It has an incline of 7%, allowing for the angle of the pelvis to be opened up, to relieve nervous and muscle tension in the lumbar, sciatic area. The inner foam is specially designed to be dense to ensure optimal comfort and durability. It does not sag. It has a cut-out in the coccyx area which can be removed. This will bring great relief to those suffering from coccyx pain, as owing to the spread of weight across the rest of the buttocks, the compression point of the spine is released. The cushion has a removable cover. The washable cover is made from polyester, sweat-resistant 3D mesh fabric (honeycomb) which facilitates turning when getting out of the seat. The cushion's underside contains anti-slip strips to ensure it remains attached to the car seat... ergonomic cushion for the car  its tilted angle opens up the angle of the torso/legs, releasing lumbar tension  comfortable foam with removable cut-out to relieve the coccyx  removable and washable - 3D fabric and anti-slip strips on the seat side  the ad'just lumbar cushion is an excellent add-on item
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