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Topelek Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm, Mains, Simultaneous Alarm System with Sound Warning CO Detector Fire Safety (2 Pack)by TopElek

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Product Description
  • 【2 in 1 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm】 2 or more detectors can join one alarm network by pairing which provides double protection. If one is triggered, all detectors will alarm.
  • 【Effective and Sensitive Detector】 With high accuracy electrochemical sensor, this combo of smoke and carbon monoxide detector is sensitive and "smart" enough to detect smoke and carbon monoxide in the air and protect your family against the threat from smoke and the "sillent killer"-odorless, invisible and deadly carbon monoxide.
  • 【85dB Audible Loud Sound】 when the alarm level is activated, it will send out 85dB audible alarm which can be heard throughout your house, let you know the danger prior to the widespread outbreak of heat and flames during a home fire.
  • 【Quick and Easy Installation】 Comes with mounting bracket, screws and anchor plugs, simply follow the instruction manual to install and connect it to 110-240V MAINS POWER.
  • 【Trustworthy and Reliable】 This combination CO & Smoke Alarm meets the requirements of CE, RoHS and you can put your trust in it. It makes a loyal and reliable safeguard for your family. And it's recommended to have one alarm on each level of your home, and directly outside or in any bedrooms.

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Product Details
Brand: TopElek
Manufacturer: TopElek
Publisher: TopElek
EAN Code(s): 0714874149849
UPC Code(s): 714874149849
Color: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector - Main Power [2 pack]

TopElek Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors, MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER.
Work as an alarm network to provide early warning mechanism: If one single unit is triggered, all detectors will alarm.
It emits 85dB audible alarm sound and visible flashing LED indicator when smoke or CO is detected, promptly let you know when in danger.

Test Before Use
Test the detector simply by using the test button before installation.

7-Year Quality Warranty
Adopted Machine Surface Mount Technology, more advanced than some using manual plug-in components. Lifetime up to 7 years.

Battery Backup for Power Outage
Connect it to 110-240V mains power for normal use. 9V battery is included for backup when mains power is cut.

Dimensions: 4.91 x 4.91 x 1.40(inches)
Input Power: AC 110-240V; DC 9V battery for backup
Alarm Volume Level: 85dB(tested at 1m)
Alarm Method: wireless interlinked alarm + sound and light alarm
Working Temperature: -10-55C°
Approved by: CE, RoHS

1. Please read the user manual completely before using this product. Keep the user manual for future reference.
2. The battery is only used for backup when in emergency such as power outage caused by fire hazard.
3. After pairing, if one detector is triggered, all will alarm. No more worry about missing the alarm if something were to happen downstairs!
4. It is normal that the green light flashes continuously if a detector is not paired with an alarm network, but it could still alarms individually.

Package Included:
2 x Combo of Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
2 x Mounting Bracket
4 x Screws
4 x Anchor Plugs
2 x Batteries(backup)
1 x User Manual

Every TopElek Product includes a 30 days money back guarantee & 18-month worry-free!

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