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[12 Pcs] Powseed Premium Car Strong Plastic Panel Tool Sets and Steel Fastener Remover with Sliding Rubber Ringby Powseed

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Product Description
  • * [11 Pcs Plastic Clip Removal Tool] Specially designed tools make easy work of removing and installing specialty fasteners.Easily remove Trim, Molding, Door panels and Dashboards
  • * Made of super durable POM material which is better than normal plastic material for long-time usage. Used for installing and removing automotive audio equipment, door and window trim, moldings, panels, emblems and clips
  • * The plastic construction of No-Scratch removel tool can avoid causing any damnification to your vehicle
  • * [Steel Fastener Remover] Rust Free design with Plastic handle. Large handle for comfort using. With rubber sliding button, protect the surface of your device well and give more leverages
  • * Package include: 11 x Plastic Clip Remover, 1 x Fastener Remover

Product Details
Brand: Powseed
Manufacturer: Powseed
Publisher: Powseed
SKU/MPN/Model: TL-C05-12-UK
EAN Code(s): 0611968937958
UPC Code(s): 611968937958

Liner peeling made from polyacetal (POM)
Polyacetal (POM) has excellent function as five major engineering plastics.
Although there are several properties, the most representative function among them will be abrasion resistance and high strength.
Polyacetal (POM) has excellent abrasion resistance because of its high self-lubricity and at the same time has fatigue resistance and creep resistance to withstand use even at high temperatures.
It also has excellent electrical properties and high electrical insulating properties, making it ideal for use in parts related to electronic equipment, covers and so on.

♪ Mechanical strength: It has high tensile strength and it can withstand use under high temperature.
♪ Impact resistance: High toughness and high impact resistance.
♪ Water absorption: Water absorption is small and there is no shape change due to water.
♪ Dimensional stability: High dimensional stability, ideal for small parts and others.
♪ Electrical insulating property: High electrical insulating property.
♪ Temperature: Withstand use in a wide temperature environment from high temperature to cold.
♪ Chemical resistance: Excellent in chemical resistance and solvent resistance.

Clip tool with rubber packing
The tip of chrome plating is a plating process with mechanical properties of hardness, lubricity, cladding, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and hydrogen removal.

☆ High hardness
☆ Low coefficient of friction
☆ Extremely high hydrochloric acid, but it is resistant to hydrofluoric acid but withstands most other acids
☆ Extremely good hardness up to about 400°C hardly changes
☆ Because of low temperature processing (around 50°C), there is absolutely no effect on the base
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