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Siemens Coffee Spout 647218/12011804 with Cleaning Brush Piebert 2 mm for Siemens EQ7 Fully Automatic Coffee Machines Including Built-in Manual (QR Code)by Bosch

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Product Description
  • Contents: 1x Original Siemens EQ7 Coffee spout 647218/12011804 1x Piebert specifically for removing fixed Coffee residue in the coffee spout brush; 1x QR code instructions for installation and removal of coffee funnel
  • With its 2 mm thin brush head can be removed simply put coffee deposits from your spout. The extremely slim, but very stable brush can be inserted in all five drain holes spout per side.
  • The coffee spout fits in the automatic coffee makers from Siemens listed in the product description below. , Please compare number with the text into the listed.

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Product Details
Brand: Bosch
Manufacturer: Bosch, Piebert
Publisher: Bosch, Piebert
EAN Code(s): 4251327403487
UPC Code(s): Unknown

EQ.7 L Series TK73001, EQ.7 EDITION08 TK73005, EQ.7 L Series TK73501DE, EQ.7 I TK76001, EQ.7 z series TK76009, EQ.7 Edition09 TK76011, EQ.7 I TK76501DE, EQ.7 z series TK76509DE, EQ.7 extra class TK76 °F09, EQ.7 plus TE701509DE, EQ.7 plus TE703501DE, EQ.7 plus TE706501DE, EQ.7 plus TE706509DE, EQ.7 plus black Ksteel TE706519DE, EQ.7 plus TE706 °F09DE, EQ.7 plus black Ksteel Extra Class TE706 °F19DE, EQ.7 plus aroma sense M-Series TE711509DE, EQ.7 plus aroma sense M-Series TE712501DE, EQ.7 plus aroma sense L Series TE713501DE, EQ.7 plus aroma sense I Series TE716501DE, EQ.7 plus aroma sense silversteel TE716511DE, EQ.7 plus black Ksteel TE716519DE, EQ.7 plus black Ksteel Extra Class TE716 °F19DE, EQ.7 plus aroma sense Z Series TE717509DE/,
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